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Perfect Pet

Resource Page for The Perfect Pet Course

Welcome to all who have bought a Perfect Pet Course through The Dog Campus.
This Online Appendix to the course compliments the live sessions, where we can help you and your pup complete our Perfect Pet Course even if you missed a session or even two.

Don’t forget to ask ANY questions you may have during the weekly sessions, or get in touch during the week either by email or telephone. We are here to help.

Enjoy the journey!

Perfect Pet Manual & Audit Booklet

Training your new puppy or dog can be such a challenge.
They don’t understand English – and you don’t speak dog!

Dogs do what dogs do – chewing stuff, pulling on lead, running off after birds, chasing after other dogs, digging up all those new plants you’ve spent hours setting out so beautifully, barking at anything and everything, jumping up – stuff we humans don’t like (or do, generally)

Humans do what humans do – shout “NO” at our dogs, try to pull them to heel, tell them off, screech at them to “come here NOW”.
None of it works.

So how can we get past these barriers? We need our dogs to learn English and we need to learn to “speak dog”. Is it possible?
Yes it is.

Dogs CAN learn simple English and link the words to doing particular actions. The trick is to make it worth their while. To help them do this you need to know how to “speak dog”.

And that is what you will learn on our Perfect Pet course as you gain the skills to make yourself a Capable Canine Coach.

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five

Week Six