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Three seater ‘couch’

Once upon a time…

… in a land far, far away (a.k.a. Kircubbin)

After years of training experiences working with Carol Clark, The Doggy Doctor, her retirement meant a change of legendary proportions for us. We’ve always seen that the dogs and their humans learn best when having FUN.

We here at The Dog Campus, decided that having more fun with your dogs was the way to go. Yes, we’ll still give you training in those things you’re not so sure about. No, we don’t expect you to be the best at everything you do. Yes, we’d love to help you more than just once a week at certain classes. And no, we don’t mind if you still go elsewhere to get other training.

We are more of a “destination for your doggy enrichment.”

Gareth has been involved with dogs his whole life. He attended a Down Dog puppy course in 2013 and soon after he joined Down Dog. Gareth has completed the Think Dog course with Sarah Whitehead and has undertaken several other courses with top international trainers including Ian Dunbar, John Rogerson and Chirag Patel. He has been with Down Dog since 2014 and progressed through assistantship to become a Trainer in 2017.
He competed very successfully in KC Rally, competing as a member of the Northern Ireland & Isle of Man team at Crufts 2019 & 2020. He ran Perfect Pet and other training courses, and would assist with the Doggy Doctor Behaviour 1:1 work. He has been instrumental in helping develop and running many of Down Dog’s courses. He’s also a ScentWork UK trainer, and he can help you start and progress your Scentwork training for trials without all the faff.

We want you to have fun!

Our various sessions are there for everyone and their dogs to have some fun, and if you stumble upon a great learning opportunity, all the better. We believe that if you’re both having fun, you will learn faster and sometimes even better than in a structured ‘class’ where if your dog something weird you get embarrassed. We’ve all been there, done that. Time to move on and have fun while learning new skills together.

“I can’t sit still… I’m having too much fun!”

Truly Fun

Your Membership gives you great access to all our enrichment sessions. That’s at least 10/week to choose from!

Madly Committed

We’ll get you and your dog having some great fun, for sure! Choose from Nosework/Play, Rally or Walkabouts.

Deeply Enriched

We want you to leave each and every session happy-tired. You can chop ‘n’ change every week if you want, too.

The Team

Two of the Crew that actually run things

Gareth & Tippi


Annette & Phoebe

One wants a better pic

Sandra & Laoise

Didn’t know there was a camera

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Best ‘Real’ Member review wins a bag or two of yummy (dog) treats at their next session, after the close date. Make it real, or funny (but true) and we’ll see how good we can be back to you. Try getting it in before the end of August, folks. Summer will be over by then :'(

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